• Creating a Christian counseling program for leaders across Asia



  • What We Are Doing


    We have been asked to fill a tremendous gap, namely, creating something virtually non-existent on the continent of Asia - a formal Christian counseling master's program!


    The best part of this endeavor is the people behind the request. The indigenous pastors and leaders around Asia are the ones asking, and they have been doing so for years.


    We can't wait to tell you the story!

  • If you draw a 2000 mile circle around Bangkok, there are more...


    PEOPLE...........than the rest of the world combined

    MUSLIMS........than the rest of the world combined

    HINDUS...........than the rest of the world combined

    BUDDHISTS......than the rest of the world combined


    Yet, there are far more Christians outside that circle. Asia is the most strategic place on the planet to invest in pastoral training

    Only 5%

    Of pastors in Asia have been

    trained for pastoral ministry


    The ratio of theologically trained pastors to people in the U.S. is 1:230. The ratio of theologically trained pastors to people outside the U.S. is 1:450,000."


    - Leadership Transformation International


    new people are added to the church in Asia every day

    "The NUMBER ONE need and request from missionaries, churches, and pastors outside the U.S. is for pastoral and leadership training"

    Training Leaders International

    50,000 Refugees

    The Karen Refugee Camp in Northern Thailand has been around for 35 years. A place forgotten by much of the world and rife with abuse, addiction, and suicide.


    ABTS has opened a site in the center of this camp, training local pastors and leaders within the community.

    Help us fight the "theological famine" in Asia

    Your monthly partnership helps fight the reality that "85% of the world's evangelical churches are led by pastors with insufficient training"


    - The Gospel Coalition

  • Hello, We're the Hirths

    As we take a moment to introduce ourselves, please scroll through the photos above. Our hope is they give you a snapshot into our life as a family of four (Brandon, Gabe, Adi, and Noelle).


    As a family, we have shared a passion for Asia and the advancement of God's kingdom for nearly 2 decades. Consequently, we are overjoyed that God has called us back to the continent we love so much, serving some of the countries we hold most dear...all with a role that fits our skillsets and passions perfectly.


    We hope that you will join us as we embark on this exciting endeavor!


    Be sure to checkout our bios and updates below where you can find a deeper glimpse into who we are, how God has prepared us for this journey, and our inner-thoughts as we prepare for this move.

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  • Why Give?

    That's a great question! Most schools are able to pay their faculty, so why can't ABTS?


    This is one of the many ways Asia Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) is unique; most schools recruit students from areas of affluence. ABTS , however, is intentionally targeting some of the least resourced areas in all of Asia - places like refugee camps and developing nations where pastors and leaders face some of the toughest challenges while often possessing the least amount of training.


    This is why your donations are imperative to this work. Many of these pastors and leaders save for years to afford ABTS's deeply discounted tuition rate (often between $1-30/credit hour). Without the help of donors like you,

    the cost of this education would be out of reach for the vast majority of these church leaders. About 30% of every dollar we raise goes toward helping ABTS' general operating expenses, resources, teaching costs, and other direct ministry expenses. We've also included a full breakdown below of these financial needs for you to see what we mean.


    Would you consider praying about joining our team?

    Want to know more, we have a full financial breakdown for you to check out

    Would you consider supporting us MONTHLY?

    Ready to Give?

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