• The Financial Picture

    We believe that for the global church to flourish, theological training should be accessible to more than just the affluent. As a result, we are uprooting our family and moving to Thailand to partner with ABTS in that fulfilling endeavor across all of Asia.


    This work, however, cannot become reality without the generous financial partnership of others.


    Your tax-deductible gifts to the Hirth family go far beyond just our family's personal expenses:



    In order to keep tuition costs low for students, each ABTS professor commits to raising an additional $500/monthly for the general operating expenses of the seminary. Your money goes directly to scholarships for students, the hiring of local workers, administrative expenses, and the operating costs of the school



    ABTS is portable. We bring theological education to the hometowns of these pastors and leaders. Since many cannot afford to travel to us, we come to them. Your donations help to make this service available all across Asia



    We are starting a counseling program. With that, comes a host of new expenses for the seminary: books, recruiting, literature, training, weekend conferences, etc... Your generosity allows this to happen



    Our goal is to invite you along as much as possible and give you full transparency on how your financial gifts are being utilized.


    Thank you for your generosity and partnership!